Yangluo Development Zone ,Wuhan

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Yangluo Development Zone, Wuhan

Wuhan Yangluo Development Zone, situated on Yaoluo Street, Xinzhou District on the northern bank along the middle reaches of Yangtze River, is one of the key development zones of the city, and the cornerstone for the economic development of Wuhan in the new century. Laid out to occupy an area of 35 sq. kilometers, it is divided into such sections as port logistics section, industrial park section and living quarters. Its orientation is to be the key logistics center in central China and a city of new modernized port industry.

With a blessed river line suiting for a container yard in the upper and middle reaches of Yangtze River, as well as the best deep water port in its hinterland, Yangluo Development Zone was established, and is certain to have prosperous prospects based on these favorable conditions. Still under construction, it will gradually become an important base of logistics center in Central-China. According to the planning, it will turn out a delivering capacity of 250,000 containers, and a business volume of 8,000,000 tons by 2010. The two will reach respectively 500,000 containers and 16,000,000 tons by 2020.

Yangluo Development Zone possesses unique advantages in transportation and resources, including Yangluo Wuhan new port with direct access to the river and sea, Wuhan city-circling highway exactly crossing the zone, Yangluo Yangtze Bridge joining with Shanghai-Chengdu and Beijing-Zhuhai expressways, etc. Beijing-Guangzhou and Beijing- Kowloon expressways pass along the boundary and Hankou Airport is shifted to Yangluo. With all these advantages, a solid and unique transportation network featured by a transportation of water, railways and air in Central China was created. Rejoining with eastern areas of Hubei and Dabie Mountain areas, the zone enjoys abundant resources of farming produces in the hinterland, such as greenstuff, aquatic products, farming, grain and cotton oil, fruits and so on. Yangluo Power Station, China Southern Petroleum Corporation and Hubei Tianfa Group have provided adequate energy resources for the zone.

As well as local favorable treatments, Yangluo Development Zone is entitled to various preferential policies, which are given to Wuhan Economic Development Zone and East-Lake Hi-tech Development Zone by Wuhan Municipal Government. Yangluo Development Zone offers overall service system for investment programs, immersion management and unified charging and complaint-dealing system in order to protect investors' interests.

Yangluo Development Zone has accelerated its construction of basic facilities, and it now has complete water supply, drainage, sewage discharge, power supply and communication. Wuhan International Container Transfer Center, located in the logistic section with 85% of the first-phase construction of 50,000 containers program accomplished, began to work in 2002. Eight programs have been started in Zhongbai food & green stuff process and transfer center located inside the industrial park. Yangluo mountain villa, situated in the living section, has been put into use and the construction of Chaibohu Nursery has already started up. 18 programs were introduced into the zone in 2001, of which 8 programs either started up or have been accomplished for investment with a total investment of RMB 1.055 billion. A large group of foreign investors from Japan, Singapore, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc, are heading here for inspection and investment negotiation, which gives Yangluo Development Zone an increasingly hot tendency in investment invitation.

Since the 21st century, Wuhan Municipal CPC Committee and Government have taken the development of Yangluo Development Zone as a keystone in increasing economic growth of the city and in the development strategy of "one segment, one section, and one port". With amounting enthusiasm, a group of large-scale basic programs, such as Wuhan International Container Transfer Center, Wuhan city-circling speedway, Yangluo Yangtze Bridge, Hankou Airport are under accelerated construction, bringing countless business opportunities. A modern port industrial city will rise quickly in the east of Wuhan, featuring logistics center and the largest container yard accessible to river and sea in the near future.

Warmly welcome friends of all walks to Yangluo Development Zone for sightseeing, inspecting, investing and starting up business and creating a prospective future.

  • Address: Yangluo Economic Development Administrative Office, Wuhan
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