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Xianning (simplified Chinese: 咸寧; pinyin: Xiánníng) is a prefecture-level city in China's Hubei province. It is known as the "City of Osmanthus".

Geography and Climate

Xianning is located in southeastern Hubei province, just south of Wuhan, along the southern bank of the Yangtze River. It borders Jiangxi to the southeast and Hunan to the southwest. It is called Hubei's southern gateway. Xianning is hilly and mountainous with some flatlands and lakes. Its area is 1,501 km², 56% of which is forested.

Xianning's climate is temperate/continental. Average annual temperature is 17 °C and precipitation is 1400 mm.


Xianning has 1 districts, 4 counties, 1 city, 9 towns, 1 township, and 3 sub-districts.


  • Chibi (赤壁市)


  • Huangshigang (咸安區)


  • Tongshan (通山縣)
  • Chaoyang (崇陽縣)
  • Tongcheng (通城縣)
  • Jiayu (嘉魚縣)


Xianning has a population of more than 500,000 people. Most of the inhabitants of Xianning are Han; only 4,785 are from other ethnic groups including Hui, Tujia, Zhuang, Miao, Manchu, and Dong. The place with the largest ethnic minority population is in Chibi City.


Xianning has major rail lines, including the Beijing-Guangzhou line, many national highways, and a large stretch of the Yangtze River, making it an important transportation and shipping center.

Agriculture and forestry are two of Xianning's biggest industries. It is known by the three names, "City of Osmanthus", "City of Nan Bamboo", and "City of Tea". There are more than 1 million Chinese acres(6 English acres) of "Nan" Bamboo, 30,000 Chinese acres of osmanthus, and more than 150,000 Chinese acres of tea.

Mineral resources are also an important part if Xianning's economy. Niobium, gold, magnesium, antimony, monazite, coal, manganese, vanadium, mica, and marble are all mined or quarried in Xianning.


Xianning's biggest tourist draw is its natural scenery. There are many sites including Taiyi Cave(太乙洞), Star Bamboo Sea(星星竹海), Nine palace Mountain(九宮山), Lushui Lake(陸水湖), as well as the historical site the Chibi Ancient Ruins(赤壁遺址).

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