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History Ⅱ

List of Historical Events in Wuhan Contemporary History


September 1838 Lin Zexu, governor-general of Hunan and Hubei, banned opium and tobacco in Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang.

January 1853 Taiping Army seized Wuchang.

June 1854 Taiping Army seized Wuchang again.

April 1855 Taiping Army seized Wuchang for the third time.

June 1858 Treaties of Tianjin was signed to make Hankou a treaty port.

March 1861 Britain Concession was set up in Hankou.

January 1862 Jianghanguan Customs was opened.

1864 British Methodist Church opened Puai Hospital in Hankou.

City walls of Hankou were built.

1868 Hankou branch of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation was opened.

October 1871 American Anglican Church established Culture Academy of Classical Learning whose title was changed to Wenhua University in 1904.

January 1873 Steamship Merchants Bureau set up a branch in Hankou.

April 1884 Telex Bureaus were set up respectively in Hankou, Wuchang and Hanyang.

September Yellow Crane Tower was destroyed in a fire.

August 1889 The construction of railway between Lugouqiao and Hankou was started.

February 1890 Zhang Zhidong suggested building Hubei Steel-making Factory and Hubei Arsenal.

March The construction of Hubei Weaving Office was started in Wuchang.

June Lianghu (Hunan & Hubei) Academy of Classical Learning was set up.

1893 Ziqiang Institute was set up in Wuchang.

October 1894 Hubei Spinning Office was set up in Wuchang.

Hubei Filature Office was set up in Wuchang.

1895 German Concession was delimited in Hankou.

1896   Russian Concession was delimited in Hankou.

Concession of France was delimited in Hankou.

February 1897 Hankou General Bureau of Post was set up, governing 8 branches.

June Hubei Hemp Office was set up in Wuchang.

1897 Ye Chengzhong and Song Weicheng jointly funded Hankou Xiechang Match Factory.

April 1898 Zhang Zhidong composed Learning Encouraging Article, advocating Chinese learning as the base, western learning for application.

1898 Japanese Concession was delimited in Hankou.

1899 Xiakou Bureau was set up to practice separate administration of Hanyang and Hankou.

August 1900 Independent Army’s uprising in Hankou planned by Tang Caichang failed.

September 1902 Weaving, Spinning, Filature and Hemp offices undertook projects by inviting outside investments.

January 1903 Hubei native students who studied in Japan founded Hubei Student Circle Magazine.

May Wu Luzhen invited patriotic educated youth to a rally at Garden Hill in Wuchang to carry out patriotic and anti-Qing campaign.

July 1904 Lv Dasen set up scientific continuation institute, a revolutionary organization.

August Hubei Provincial library was established in Wuchang.

1905 Body work of Hou Lake’s long bank was completed in Hankou, which was called Zhanggongdi (literally meaning 「bank in honor of Zhang Zhidong」) bank afterwards.

March 1906 Liu Jing』an established in Wuchang a revolutionary organization, Ri Zhi Hui,.

April Lugouqiao-Hankou railway was opened to traffic.

August Hanzhen Jiji Hydropower Co., Ltd. was set up.

August 1907 Yangtze Machine Manufacturing Company was founded at Shenjiaji, Hankou.

1907 City walls of Hankou were demolished.

February 1908 Hanyeping Company was established by combining Hanyang Ironworks, Daye Coal Mine and Pingxiang Coal Mine.

April 1909 Sun Wu set up the headquarters of Gong Jin Hui, a revolutionary organization.

1910 A series of products of Wuhan won gold and silver prizes in Nanyang fair.

January 1911 Jiang Yuwu founded Literature Society as a revolutionary organization.

September Headquarters for uprising was established by combining Gong Jin Hui and Literature Society.

October Wuchang Uprising broke out. Hubei Military Government was founded with Li Yuanhong as the provincial military governor.

Provisional Constitution of E』zhou was promulgated.

Yangxia war (Hanyang and Hankou) was waged between republic armies and Qing armies.

November Huang Xing took up the post of commander-in-chief of the Republic of China.

January 1912 Xiakou Bureau was restructured to Xiakou County.

April Sun Yat-sen visited Wuhan.

September Chen Shi established Zhonghua University in Wuchang.

May 1913 Jiangxia County changed its name to Wuchang County.

      August 1913 Zhonghua Engineers Association, with Zhan Tianyou as the head, was founded in Hankou.

1917 German Concession in Hankou was recovered.

1919 Hankou New Market (the present People’s Paradise) was founded and opened.

February 1920 Hui Daiying established Liqun Society.

Wuhan Weekly Review started publication.

March Dong Biwu established Wuhan Private Middle School.

August Bao Huiseng, Dong Biwu and Chen Tanqiu founded Wuhan communist organization, namely Wuhan Communist Group.

December 1921 Wuhan Executive Committee of the CPC was set up.

February 1922 Great Strike of Beijing-Hankou Railway workers broke out and February 7 Massacre happened in Jiang』an.

May 1923 The First Central China Sports Meet was held in Wuchang.

1924 Wenhua University changed its name to Huazhong University.

Wuchang University was established.

March 1925 Russian Concession in Hankou was recovered.

June Wuhan people expressed support for May 30th Movement.

January 1926 Hubei Peasant Association was set up in Wuchang.

September Northern Expeditionary Army occupied Hanyang and Hankou.

October Northern Expeditionary Army captured Wuchang. Deng Yanda assumed the office of director in Hubei Committee for Government Affairs.

November Hankou National Daily started publication.

December Worker Movement Institute was established. Provisional Joint conference of KMT Central Executive commissaries (National Government commissaries)

January 1927 National Government was moved from Guangzhou to Wuhan.

Wuchang, Hanyang and Xiakou constituted the capital district, which was named Wuhan.

February All China Federation of Labor Unions was moved to Wuhan.

Branch of Central Military & Political School in Wuhan was opened.

National Government recovered the Britain Concession in Hankou.

State Wuchang Zhongshan University was opened.

March Central Peasant Movement Institute was established. The Third Plenary Session of KMT’s Second Central Committee was held In Hankou

April The Fifth National Congress of the CPC was held in Wuchang. Wuhan National Government staged military aggression northward for the second time.

May Citizens and soldiers in Wuhan renounced Xia Douyan’s betrayal. Pacific Labor Conference was held in Hankou.

July Wang Jingwei’s group betrayed in Wuhan.

August CPC Central Committee held an urgent meeting, namely August 7th Meeting.

1927 Demolishment of Wuchang city walls was started.

September 1928 Wuchang Zhongshan University was re-entitled Wuhan University.

1928 City walls of Hanyang were being demolished.

1929 Wuhan City changed its name to Wuhan Special City. Soon it changed to Hankou Special City and at that time, Wuchang City Council was established.

1930 Hankou Special City changed its name to Hankou City.

July 1931 Flood from the Yangtze River and Han River burst the banks and caused disastrous situation.

September People of all circles in Wuhan gathered together to condemn September 18th Incident caused by Japan.

January 1935 Hankou Radio Broadcasting Station started broadcasting.

    December Wuhan students took part in December 9th Movement enthusiastically.

1936 Guangdong-Hankou railway was opened to traffic.

July 1937 After the July 7th Incident of 1937 happened, Wuhan people of all circles showed support for anti-Japanese War of Chinese army in North China.

October Wuhan office of Eight Route Army was organized, and Yangtze River Bureau of the CPC Central Committee was set up in Wuhan.

November Military Council, Administrative Department, Supervision Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Finance under National Government were moved from Nanjing to Wuhan.

January 1938 Xinhua Daily started publication.

April No.3 office of Political Department under Military Council of National Government was set up in Wuhan.

July The first National Conference for political affairs was held in Wuhan. Donating campaign aimed to saving the country from extinction reached every corner of Wuhan

August Japanese Concession in Hankou was recovered.

October Wuhan was occupied.

1939 Revolting Wuhan Special City Government was established.

1940 Revolting Wuhan Special City Government changed its name to Hankou City.

September 1945 The 6th front army of Japanese aggressor army against China surrendered in Wuhan.

October Hankou City Government was established.

November French Concession in Hankou was recovered.

May 1946 Hankou Agreement was signed by the CPC and KMT.

October Wuchang City Government was established.

June 1947 June 1st Massacre happened in Wuhan University.

August Hankou City changed its name to Hankou Special City.

November November 7th Massacre happened in Hankou Quilt Factory.

1948 From summer of 1948 to May of 1949, Wuhan people of all circles participate actively in the struggle for liberation and against KMT’s domestic war.

May 16th 1949 Wuhan was liberated.