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Introduction to Wuhan Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries


Wuhan Association for Foreign Friendship is a municipal civilian organization which aims at promoting friendship between the people of Wuhan and peoples in various countries of the world and maintaining world peace. Being an important tie of developing friendly relations with peoples in the world, it devotes itself to contacts and exchanges with foreign organizations and personages in all circles, which is under the guidance of China Association for Foreign Friendship and strongly supported and aided by the People’s Government of Wuhan City and all circles. Its main task are the following:

To develop friendly cooperative relations with peoples in various countries by exchanging non-governmental delegations, friendly personages and professional investigation delegations;

To undertake people-to-people cultural exchanges through theatric performance and exhibitions;

To bridge economic, social, educational, scientific and technological and personnel exchanges with foreign countries, in co-operation with related departments;

To conduct activities of supporting just struggles of world peoples and safeguarding world peace;

To commemorate world cultural celebrities, revolutionary forerunners and international friends who have made great contribution to China’s revolution and construction;

To organize public lectures on national conditions of various countries, academic seminars and foreign-related celebrations;

To hold other activities in relation to promoting mutual understanding and friendship between the people of Wuhan and peoples in various countries;

The leadership of the Association is composed of an honorary chairman, a chairman, a vice chairman, a secretary-general and several directors. The office under it performs routine duties.

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Regulations of Wuhan Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries Regulations of Wuhan People's Association For Friendship with Foreign Countries (approved in the council meeting of Friendship Association, 2002) (August 29, 2002)

Chapter 1 General

Article 1 The name of the association is Wuhan People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (abbreviated as WPAFFC).

Article 2 The association is a municipal people's organization, and it is a member of Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (abbreviated as the National Friendship Association ).

Article 3 The association aims at promoting the understanding and friendship between the Chinese people, especially the Wuhan citizens and the people of other countries, facilitating international exchange and cooperation, safeguarding the peace of world, and boosting common development.

Article 4 The association carries out independent peaceful diplomatic policy, follows the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence and launches multi-level, omni-directional work for civil friendship promotion.

Article 5 The association operates under the guidance of the National Friendship Association, Provincial Friendship Association and the Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhan Municipal Government.

Chapter 2 Tasks

Article 6 Participate actively in the activities launched by National Friendship Association and Provincial Friendship Association; accomplish the affairs entrusted by national friendship association and the friendship associations of other provinces and cities.

Article 7 Develop friendly and cooperative relationship with the foreign friendship organization, foreign social organizations and foreign friendly personage from all walks of life; pay visits to each other and launch various kinds of interchange activities in order to strengthen mutual understanding, and develop friendship.

Article 8 Organize relevant activities or cooperate with the competent departments of Wuhan to develop the exchange and cooperation with foreign friendship organizations, relevant departments and friendly personage in the fields of economy, science and technology, education, culture, sports, and Medicare.

Article 9 Organize the public lectures, academic research meetings, and symposia on introducing situations of foreign countries.

Article 10 Take active part in the communication activities launched by United Nations and other international organizations under the instruction and entrustment of National Friendship Association.

Article 11 Carry out other work of promoting civil communication between Wuhan City and foreign countries.

Chapter 3 Organizations

Article 12 The association adopts unit membership system.

Article 13 Besides the group member director, the association can invite several well-known social figures to serve as specially invited directors. The international friends making contributions to the international exchange work of Wuhan for a long time can be invited to act as the overseas director.

Article 14 The highest authority of the association is the council of Wuhan People’s Friendship Association with Foreign Countries. The council members are composed of Wuhan relevant departments and units, public organizations at municipal level, the foreign affair offices of districts of Wuhan, representatives recommended by relevant enterprises and institutions, some specially invited directors and overseas directors. The council is elected for a term of five years.

Article 15 The rights of the council include:

1.Examining the work reports of the association;
2.Working out and revising the regulation of the association;
3.Making decisions of the working policy and tasks of the association;
4.Recommending the honorary chairman and advisor;
5.Electing chairman, vice chairman and secretary-general;
6.Making decisions of other relevant important issues.

Article 16 When the council meeting closes, the standing committee consisting of chairman, vice chairman and secretary-general take charge of the routine work. The council meeting can be held at any time depending on the work need.

Article 17 The standing committee can make slight adjustment of its members if necessary, and is responsible for reporting to the next council. The standing committee is authorized to employ a number of vice general secretaries and set up necessary administration offices. Currently, the administration office is named Administration Office of Wuhan People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

Article 18 The districts of Wuhan can set up departments of Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries to meet the tasks of international communications of respective district.

Article 19 Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries of districts of Wuhan is a member of Wuhan Municipal Friendship Association and receives the instruction of Wuhan Municipal Friendship Association in respect to specific work.

Chapter 4 The Rights and Obligations of Members

Article 20 On the basis of voluntary application, all the local public organizations, enterprises and institutions keen in international communication activities can become group members of the association after getting approval.

Article 21 The rights of members:

1. recommending, voting, electing and being elected,
2. participating in the activities of the association,
3. proposing suggestion and perform supervision on the operations of the association,
4. enjoying services from the association on priority basis.

Article 22 The obligations of members:

1.Observing the regulations of the association;
2.Supporting and taking care of the work entrusted by the association;
3.Paying member fee.

Chapter 5 Funding

Article 23 Funding sources of the association:

1.The donations of social circles at home and abroad;
2.The income by holding activities and providing service;
3.The subsidy of government

Chapter 6 Supplementary Provisions

Article 24 Wuhan Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries is located in Wuhan.

Article 25 The regulations come into force only after getting approved in the council meeting of the Association and are subject to the interpretations of the standing committee of the council.