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Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhan Municipal Government

Main Responsibilities of Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhan Municipal Government

(1) Carry out foreign principles and policies, law and regulations concerning foreign affairs of the Party and the Central Government; implement instructions and rules of Wuhan CPC committee and municipal government on foreign affairs and introduction of foreign experts; work out the rules and regulations, and the working plan of foreign affairs and introduction of foreign experts of the city; take care of coordinating and handling important foreign affairs and foreign issues of Wuhan City.

(2) Study and elaborate the detailed regulations and measures to implement foreign affairs policy jointly with other competent departments; inspect the execution of relevant departments and units on implementing the foreign principles and policies, the law and regulations concerning foreign affairs and the foreign affairs discipline, and put forward the opinions and suggestions to competent departments on handling the violations of foreign affairs discipline.

(3) Take care of controlling affairs of going abroad on business of the whole city; responsible for applications for approval of going abroad of municipal leadership; examine and verify the applications of going abroad on business temporarily of the officials of chief and deputy bureau level; examine and approve the applications of going abroad on business temporarily of the officials of the chief section level of this city and the levels below; handle the passport and foreign visa for personnel of the city going abroad on business; responsible for examination and approval or applications for approval of inviting personnel of foreign official of provincial and vice provincial level or equal to these levels to have a visit; handle the visa letters and documents, and other consular issues of the visiting foreign personage.

(4) Handle the relevant affairs of visiting Hong Kong and Macao on business of the whole city; responsible for the examination and approval of the personnel going to Hong Kong and Macao on business for exchange of economy and trade, education, science and technology, and Medicare; responsible for issuing the pass to Hong Kong and Macao on business; take care of handling the endorsement of visiting Hong Kong and Macao.

(5) Responsible for organizing the reception of state guests, Party guests and important foreign guests visiting the city, and foreign diplomats in China visiting the city for the official activities; make overall arrangement of foreign affairs for the leadership of Wuhan CPC Committee, People's Congress of Wuhan City, Municipal Government and People's Political Consultative Conference of Wuhan City.

(6) Responsible for the work of introducing foreign experts of the whole city; manage the foreign experts of economic field employed by the City and control the training held overseas and in Hong Kong & Macau of the personnel from local government departments, enterprises and institutions; responsible for employment and liaison with international advisors for municipal government; handle awarding titles of " Yellow Crane's Friendship Award ", " Honorary Citizen", etc to foreign personage.

(7) Manage the communication activities between the City and foreign twin cities; go through the formality of applications for approval of establishing twin city relationship with foreign cities; and guide local civil communications with foreigners.

(8) Make overall arrangement and control of the communication activities between local districts & units and foreign consular organizations; take care of reception of foreign reporters visiting Wuhan for interview and reporting; instruct relevant departments or units to make proper arrangements of interview activities for foreign reporters.

(9) Cooperate with and assist competent departments in performing international promotion activities and mass education of the foreign affairs; responsible for providing the departments of the city with publicity information and disclosure data to foreign parties with regard to international situation, foreign policy, and important international issues; participate in verifying important news releases concerning foreign affairs of this city and other relevant documents.

(10) Responsible for undertaking the routine work for foreign affairs leading board of Wuhan CPC committee, and give instructions to the foreign affairs of municipal departments and districts.

(11) Responsible for the construction of spiritual civilization, cultivation of party conduct and construction of a clean government of the Department and the foreign affairs departments & units of the districts; responsible for giving education and training of the foreign affairs policy, foreign affairs discipline and confidential issue to local foreign affairs officials and working staff.

(12) Undertake other work assigned by the Wuhan CPC committee, municipal government and foreign affairs departments of higher levels.

English Names of Government Departments of Wuhan

English Names of Wuhan Municipal Government Departments and Offices

  • 武漢市人民政府辦公廳:General Office, the People’s Government of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市發展和改革委員會: Wuhan Development and Reform Commission
  • 武漢市經濟委員會:Economic Commission of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市商業局:Bureau of Commerce of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市教育局:Bureau of Education of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市科學技術局:Bureau of Science and Technology of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市民族宗教事務局:Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市公安局:Bureau of Public Security of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市監察局:Bureau of Supervision of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市民政局:Bureau of Civil Affairs of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市司法局:Bureau of Justice of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市財政局:Bureau of Finance of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市人事局:Bureau of Personnel of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市勞動和社會保障局:Bureau of Labour and Social Security of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市國土資源局:Bureau of Land Resources of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市建設委員會:Construction Commission of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市交通委員會:Communications Commission of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市水利局:Bureau of Water Resources of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市農業局:Bureau of Agriculture of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市對外貿易經濟合作局:Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市文化局:Bureau of Culture of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市衛生局:Bureau of Health of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市人口和計劃生育委員會: Wuhan Committee of Population Control and Family Planning
  • 武漢市審計局:Bureau of Audit of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市環境保護局:Bureau of Environmental Protection of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市新聞出版和廣播電視局: Administration of Press, Publication, Radio and Television of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市城市規劃局: Bureau of Urban Planning of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市園林局: Bureau of Urban Utilities and Landscaping of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市市容環境衛生局: Bureau of City Appearance, Environment and Sanitation of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市體育局: Administration of Sports of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市統計局:Statistics Bureau of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市物價局: Price Control Administration of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市工商行政管理局: Administration of Industry and Commerce of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市林業局: Forestry Administration of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市質量技術監督局: Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市食品藥品監督管理局: Wuhan Administration of Food and Medicine
  • 武漢市知識產權局: Intellectual Property Office of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市旅遊局:Tourism Administration of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市人民政府法制辦公室: Legislative Affairs Office, the People’s Government of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市人民政府外事辦公室: Foreign Affairs Office, the People’s Government of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市人民政府僑務辦公室: Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the People’s Government of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市人民政府台灣事務辦公室:Taiwan Affairs Office, the People’s Government of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市人民政府研究室: Research Office, the People’s Government of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市機構編制委員會辦公室: Office of Government Set-up Committee of Wuhan Municipality
  • 武漢市人民防空辦公室: Office of Civil Air Defense of Wuhan Municipality