Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone

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Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone

The Wuhan electric gird consists of over 3392 kilometers of high-voltage transmission lines of 35KV or above, and the power transmission transformers have a total capacity of 6.76 million KVA. The first and second phase projects whose total installed capacity is 1200 MW in the Wuhan Yangluo Power Plant have been completed and put into operation. Its third-phase project with an installed capacity of another 1200 MW starts to be in preparation.

The daily water-supply capacity in Wuhan is 2.36 million cubic meters, totally meeting the needs of all urban residents.

The annual gas-supply capacity in Wuhan is 0.125 billion cubic meters and the annual supply of liquefied gas is 0.64 billion cubic meters. Now, 73% households, 815,000 in total, use gas.

Public transportation:

There are 6458 buses and 12,200 taxis in Wuhan, 12 sets for every 10 thousand passengers, among the best in China.

Wuhan General Post Office, one of the seven largest national post centers and the eight largest airline post centers, is the post center of the seven provinces in south China for telegraph and telephone transmission, mail distribution, and periodical issuing, and the largest mail distribution center in the central and southern China. It is capable of contacting with 110 countries and regions by postal communication and delivering express mails to 380 cities and 200 countries and regions.

Wuhan Telecommunication Bureau is an important national communication hub, where the Beijing-Wuhan-Guangzhou coaxial cable line intersects the Shanghai-Nanjing-Wuhan-Chongqing optic-fiber cable communication line. The city installed capacity of programmed telephone is 1.80 million, the 4th place among large sized cities and now 1.03 million have been put into operation. The installed capacity of mobiles in the city is 0.42 million and now 0.23 million have been put into operation, taking the 5th place among Chinese capital cities.