Wuhan Donghu Scenic Spot

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Wuhan Donghu Scenic Spot

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The highlights in Wuhan East Lake Scenic Zone

1. the biggest lake within city in China

2. the first group of nation-qualified scenic spots in China

3. the first batch nation-qualified AAAA grade scenic spot

4. received the honour as "National's Best Scenic and Tour Spot" awarded by the Central Civilization Construction Instruction Committee, the Construction Ministry of People's Republic of China and the China Tourism Bureau.

5. awarded the honour of "Advanced National Scenic Spot" by the Construction Department of People's Republic of China

6. possess one of the four biggest Pulm Gardens in China

7. the China Lotus Research Center is based here

8. possess one of the three biggest Cherry Blossom Gardens in the world

9. the biggest recreation center of Chu Folk Culture in China is located here

10.Numerous VIPs and famous people have been to the East Lake on a tour. (Chairman Mao has been living here for a long time besides Zhongnanhai in Beijing)