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Central Business District of Wuhan

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Survey of Wuhan CBD

Orientation of the project

Wuhan CBD will be constructed into a modern service center 「basing itself upon the central China, facing the world, serving the whole country」 with such industries forming its main body as finance, insurance, trade, information and consultation etc. By integrating exhibition, retail, hotels and accommodation etc. into a whole, it will become a comprehensive urban center that features the most active business opportunities, the most convenient transportation, the highest land prices and the most centralized production and life services.

Project Background

As one of the key projects of Wuhan, Wuhan CBD (Wangjiadun CBD) is situated in Wangjiadun district, the downtown of Hankou, covering an area of 7.14 sq kilometers. It features locational advantage and convenient transportation. It is the convergent point of the urban backbone roads, light railways, airports, and highways. According to theGeneral Urban Planning of Wuhan (1996-2020) approved by the State Council in 1999, Wangjiadun CBD is the financial and commercial district.

With the growth of central China and the construction of urban circle, Wuhan, as the communication hub, is integrating its advantages such as market, resources, technology, talents etc. to speed up the development of Wuhan Urban Circle, the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, the Pearl River Delta Economic Circle to create a regional economic setup which is most tremendous and influential in the 21st century China.

To service the economy of Wuhan and satisfy the international commercial cooperation and exchange, the municipal Party committee and municipal government made the timely proposal that Wuhan should establish its own CBD. Taking advantage of the good social and economic developing trend of Wuhan, having the eyes on the future developing goal, we should construct Wuhan CBD actively to further expand the market, control and use resources so as to promote the development of Hubei province and the central region of china and make Wuhan a new focus point for international economic cooperation and exchange. Characteristics of the location Wuhan CBD is located in the strategic passage of the three towns, covering an area of 7.41 sq kilometers. Enclosed by such urban backbone and express roads as Qingnian Road, Changqing Road, Jianshe Avenue, Hanxi Road and Fazhan Avenue, it has excellent locational advantages. Close to the traditional commercial and financial center, it features strong business atmosphere and excellent accessibility. Together with ChinaOpticalValley, Wuhan and the modern manufacturing center, it will form the economic 「golden delta」 which will release the economic development potential to the largest degree.

Construction advantages

The most convenient transportation: Wuhan CBD is between the inner-ring and second-ring. By the aid of the urban express backbone roads and the light railway which is being planned, it is accessible to the key centers of the city. The close distance to such communication hub as airport and railway contribute to help realize the connection between the CBD and other major domestic cities.

The most advantageous surroundings: Wuhan 「financial street」 expands from Jianshe Avenue to Wuhan CBD. Jianhan Road and WuhanPlaza are also close to the CBD where financial industries, business atmosphere, commercial exchange and population are highly concentrated.

The richest business opportunities: the economy of Wuhan remains good growth trend. The real estate market that contains huge investment opportunities is unprecedentedly lively. Meanwhile, the 「growth of central China」 policy will lead the central provinces and cities to promote the economic development. Wuhan’s strong economic radiating force and traffic accessibility will contribute to help the business firms to occupy the central vast market

Construction scale

The construction period of Wuhan CBD is about 15 years. Investment for the construction of the municipal basic facilities is about 4 to 5 billion yuan. It is planned that the construction of the CBD will attract total investment 100 billion yuan. The number of population working and living in CBD will reach 150,000 to 200,000 by the year of 2019. According to some authoritative organs such as McKinsey, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Jones Lang LaSalle, developers will get higher return from Wuhan CBD projects than ordinary ones.

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