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A Brief Introduction to Wuhan Joint Office Center for Foreign-Invested, Domestic-Funded and United Enterprises

Wuhan United Service Center of Foreign & Domestic Investment (hereinafter called United Service Center) was founded in April 29th, 1998. Under the "opening-oriented" strategy, it is a special environment "window" and service "platform" setup by Wuhan Party Committee and Wuhan Municipal Government for improving efficiency of the government and providing the convenience for foreign investors.

There are totally 49 service units gathered in the united service center, including 35 government departments, 2 water and electricity companies and 10 social intermediaries. It can provide investors with complete services from project approval to registration, from customs, foreign exchange, taxation, finance registration to land & construction planning.

With special website, the united service center has setup an information network platform which can provide online service. The lobby of the center is equipped with touch computer system and large sized information monitor. Investors can easily get information about investment environment, industry orientation, preferential policies and application procedures of Wuhan. In addition, the center has set up consultancy department to provide the services of law & policy consultancy, project negotiation, document copy and transmission, translation, etc.

"The service commitment declaring system, first-asked responsibility system and united approval system" are put into practice in the united service center. With open and transparent procedures, and high-qualified services, the united service center warmly welcomes domestic and foreign friends to come to Wuhan for investment and development.

United Approval

In order to improve the efficiency and provide convenience for domestic and foreign investors, the center implements united approval system. Wuhan Foreign Investment Office, Wuhan Development and Reform Commission, Wuhan Economic Commission, Wuhan Industrial & Commercial Administration Bureau, Wuhan Financial Bureau, Wuhan Taxation Bureau, Customs and Foreign Exchange Management Bureau will approve the projectss together, and provide high-qualified services.

Policies Consultancy

In the center, the investor can get the information about application procedures, document requirement, industry and finance policies, etc.

Centralized Fee Charging

According to the principle of "centralization, openness and transparency", foreign investors can pay various administrative fees at the fee-charging window in the center.

Enterprise Complaint

The center will protect the legal rights of the enterprises and help them to solve various problems, and is responsible to receive and coordinate the complaint of the foreign- and domestic-funded enterprises.

United Annual Inspection

The center provides the service of annual inspection for foreign-invested enterprises. Eight departments of the government will join together for the annual inspection of the foreign-invested enterprises. They are: Wuhan Foreign Investment Office, Wuhan Economic Commission, Wuhan Industrial & Commercial Administration Bureau, Wuhan State Taxation Bureau, Wuhan Local Taxation Bureau, Wuhan Financial Bureau, Foreign Exchange Management Bureau and Wuhan Customs.

The member units of the Joint Office Center are arranged as follows.

1、Wuhan Customs

2、Hubei Foreign Exchange Administrative Bureau

3、Wuhan Foreign Investment Office

4、Wuhan Development and Reform Commission

5、Wuhan Economic Commission

6、Wuhan Construction Commission

7、Wuhan Communications Commission

8、Wuhan Economic Coordination Office

9、 Wuhan State-owned Assets Management Office

10、Wuhan Foreign Affairs Office

11、Wuhan Supervision Bureau

12、Wuhan Industrial & Commercial Administration Bureau

13、Wuhan Financial Bureau

14、Wuhan State Taxation Bureau

15、Wuhan Local Taxation Bureau

16、Wuhan Quality Supervision Bureau

17、Wuhan Price Administrative Bureau

18、Wuhan Environment Protection Bureau

19、Wuhan Public Security Bureau

20、Wuhan Land Planning Bureau

21、Wuhan Labour & Social Security Bureau

22、Wuhan Real Estate Administrative Bureau

23、Wuhan Development Administrative Bureau

24、Wuhan Urban Administrative Bureau

25、Wuhan Commerce Bureau

26、Wuhan Press & Publish Bureau

27、Wuhan Sports Bureau

28、Wuhan Health Bureau

29、Wuhan Culture Bureau

30、Wuhan Education Bureau

31、Wuhan Garden & Forest Bureau

32、Wuhan Tourism Bureau

33、Wuhan Water Bureau

34、Wuhan Medicine Supervision Bureau

35、Wuhan Unpacked Cement Office

36、Wuhan Power Supply Company

37、Wuhan Water Supply Co.

Wuhan Foreign Affairs Administrative Offices

Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Wuhan Municipality

No.70, Qingnian Road, Hankou 430015 Tel: 0086-027-85794761

Wuhan Foreign Investment Office

No. 130, Riverside Avenue, Hankou 430014 Tel: 0086-027-85794761

Wuhan Foreign Merchants Complaint Center

No. 130, Riverside Avenue, Hankou 430014 Tel: 0086-027-82827306

Wuhan Development and Reform Commission

No. 130, Riverside Avenue, Hankou 430014 Tel: 0086-027-82815890

Wuhan Economic Commission

No. 130, Riverside Avenue 430014 Tel: 0086-027-82827717

Construction Commission of Wuhan Municipality

No. 130, Riverside Avenue, Hankou 430014 Tel: 0086-027-82827921

Wuhan Communications Commission

Jinjiadun, Hankou 430023 Tel: 0086-027-85604237

Bureau of Science and Technology of Wuhan Municipality

No. 150, Riverside Avenue, Hankou 430014 Tel: 0086-027-8287453

Bureau of Commerce of Wuhan Municipality

No. 98, Riverside Avenue, Hankou 430014 Tel: 0086-027-82812660

Bureau of Agriculture of Wuhan Municipality

No. 130, Riverside Avenue 430014 Tel: 0086-027-82827573

Wuhan Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau

Yucaiyicun, Sanyan Bridge Community 430010 Tel: 0086-027-82626209

Foreign Affairs Sub-Bureau of Wuhan Administration of Taxation

No. 15, Hubianfang, Sanyang North Road, Hankou 430014 Tel: 0086-027-82423213

ureau of Urban Planning of Wuhan Municipality

No. 13, Sanyang Road, Hankou 430014 Tel: 0086-027-82833801

Wuhan Municipal State-owned Assets Administration Commission

No. 16, Shuangyan Street, Hankou 430022 Tel: 0086-027-85862273

Wuhan Branch of China People's Bank

Crossing of Taibei Road, Jianshe Avenue, Hankou 430012 Tel: 0086-027-85789185

Wuhan Sub-Bureau of National Foreign Exchange Administration Bureau

No. 77, Gaoxiong Road, Hankou 430015 Tel: 0086-027-85804028

Wuhan Customs

No. 86, Riverside Avenue, Hankou 420021 Tel: 0086-027-82813306

Hubei Administration for the Inspection of Import and Export Commodities

No. 3, Wangsongyuan Road, Hankou 430022 Tel: 0086-027-85794226

Wuhan Finance Bureau

No. 843, Jiefang Avenue 430016 Tel: 0086-027-85774505

Wuhan Statistics Bureau

No. 132, Yanjang Avenue, Hankou 430014 Tel: 0086-027-82827129

Wuhan Power Supply Company

No. 1053, Jiefang Avenue, Hankou 430013 Tel: 0086-027-82403109

Branch of Wuhan Telecom

No. 1, Hongshan Road, Wuchang 430071 Tel: 0086-027-87816828

Wuhan Sanitary Quarantine Bureau, P.R.China

No. 10, Changhu Community, Yuemachang, Wuchang 430060 Tel: 0086-027-88076950

Bureau of Labour and Social Security of Wuhan Municipality

No. 8 Mingxin Street, Hankou 430020 Tel: 0086-027-82835287

Wuhan Cultural Bureau

No. 16, Youyi Road, Hankou 430014 Tel: 0086-027-8826266

Wuhan Public Security Bureau

No. 2, Youyi Road, Hankou 430022 Tel: 0086-027-85816111

Wuhan Tourism Administration Bureau

No. 17, Hezuo Road, Hankou 430014 Tel: 0086-027-82833107

Wuhan Environment Protection Bureau

No. 12, Tianmendun, Hankou 430013 Tel: 0086-027-85795653

Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhan Municipal Government

No.130, Riverside Avenue, Hankou 430014 Tel: 0086-027-82827326

Taiwan Affairs Office of Wuhan Municipal Government

No. 23 Ximaxiang, Jiefang Road, Hankou 430016 Tel: 0086-027-85761226

Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Wuhan Municipal Government

No. 38, Jiefang Park Road, Hankou 430010 Tel: 0086-027-82413343

Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone Administrative Committee

Zhuanyang Building, Zhuankou Development Zone, Hanyang 430056

Tel: 0086-027-84891006

Wuhan East Lake Hi-tech Development Zone Administrative Committee

No. 95, Luoyu Road, Guangbutun, Wuchang, 430070 Tel: 0086-027-87405484

Wuhan Foreign Publicity Office

No. 42, Jiefang Park Road, Hankou 430010 Tel: 0086-027-82410372