Wufangzhai Restaurant ---Tangyuan

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Wufangzhai Restaurant ---Tangyuan (stuffed dumplings made of glutinous rice flour served in soup)

Wuhan Wufangzhai Restaurant, trade name 「Shanghai Wufangzhai (built as early as in eighth year of Xianfeng Period in Qing Dynasty)」, was built in 1946 proposed by Ni Jincai and approved and invested by Old Hankou Government. It used to be located at No. 1303, Zhongshan Avenue. During the early stage, it had a floorage of scores of sq. m2 with only ten-odd employees. This situation lasted until China’s liberation.

Wufangzhai Restaurant, now located at No. 723 (originally 1171), Zhongshan Avenue, Hankou, has a history of over one hundred years, in which it has grown from small size to large size and from privately owned to state-private joint-venture and finally to whole state-owned. With principle of good quality and low prices, it has been awarded successively three golden medals in provincial and municipal trade field since 1991 and also won other honors such as 「Tangyuan Master」, 「Zongzi Master」 and 「Cake Master」. In 1993, State Commercial Ministry investigated and approved to award the honor of 「Model Restaurant of Long Standing」 to Wufangzhai Restaurant and delivered many articles to call upon other old restaurants to follow it.

Wufangzhai Restaurant has run over 100 years since it’s establishment and is famous across three towns of Wuhan city. The current Wuhan Wufangzhai Restaurant has developed from selling solely tangyuan of Ningbo style to scores of kinds of multiple-taste tangyuan and deepfreezed snacks supplied perennially. With good quality, low prices and satisfactory services as its tenet and constant improvement as its managing policy, Wufangzhai Restaurant won the initiative in competition market and great recognition from customers successfully.