Wuchang Fish

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Wuchang Fish

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Wuchang fish teems in the Liangzi Lake covering Jiangxia District of Wuhan and E』zhou City. With broad areas, the lake is connected with Yangtze River directly and can be poured with river water conversely, which brings high-quality water and abundant feedstuff and provides most favorable conditions for growth and reproduction of Wuchang fish.

Wuchang fish is a kind of bream, also named blunt-snout bream with flat shape, weight of about one to three jin (a half kilo), tender and white meat, and rich in protein and fat. It is also a kind of rare freshwater fish dishes. Furthermore, it is well known far and near because of the modern famous sentence by Chairman Mao, 「Just drink the well water in Changsha, and now eat the most delicious Wuchang fish in Wuhan.」

Dozens of fish dishes with different flavors can be cooked with Wuchang fish, such as steamed Wuchang fish, brewed Wuchang fish, butterfly-shaped Wuchang fish, Moutai Wuchang fish, Wuchang fish with chicken porridge and cream, braised Wuchang fish in red sauce, Wuchang fish with waxberry and Wuchang fish with design of white snow and winter sweet. And steamed Wuchang fish with tender and fresh meat is the most delicious and fragrant high-grade dish noted all over the world.