Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College

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Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Brief Introduction to Union Hospital

Union Hospital was founded in 1866. During its long history, it has been medical center in central China, earned many honors such as 3-A hospital, one of the Top 100 hospitals of China, Civilized unit of Hubei Province and many others. Union Hospital is a well-known, great and comprehensive medical center affiliated to the Ministry of Health of China. Hubei First-aid Center is also located in Union Hospital.

There are 4 national key projects, 6 provincial key projects in Union hospital, with 6 research institutes, 22 doctor-degree units and 28 master-degree units in Union Hospital. Internal and surgical cardiology, medical imaging, urology, hematology, ENT, digestology, orthopedics, micro-neurosurgery, general surgery, ophthalmology, interventive radiology, infectious medicine and many others are well known domestically and overseas. Many renowned doctors are in Union Hospital, including more than 300 professors and associate professors, 86 doctoral advisors. Among them 35 are directors or vice-directors of national or provincial academic associations.

Annual outpatients of Union Hospital are 1.38 million, in-patients are 38 thousand annually, with 19 thousand operations each year. Major medical service afforded by Union Hospital is among the first several in China.

Since 1980, Union Hospital has got 63 international advanced research products, another 184 has been national advanced. 148 got national or provincial awards, among which, 「Studies on hypopotassium」, 「Post-paraplegia urination recovery by artificial somatic-visceral reflux reconstruction」 got 2nd class National Science & Technology Awards; 「Studies on H2O2 sonic cardiac imaging」 and 「Studies on a new group of platelet aggregation dysfunction」 got 3rd class National Science &Technology Awards and 1st class Awards of the Ministry of Education of China.

More than 80 new technologies are applied in Union Hospital annually, most of which are first in Hubei province and are advanced nationally. Heart transplantation by the cardiovascular institute was the first in central China; Heart-lung joint transplantation is new record in China. The institute is also well known in complicated coronary heart diseases, dilated cardio-musculopathy, congenital heart diseases, coronary bridge and cardiovascular interventive therapy. The institute of hematology is well known for leukemia and bone marrow transplantation. Post-paraplegia urination recovery by artificial somatic-visceral reflux reconstruction invented by the institute of urology is first in the world, and many paraplegia patients benefit from it. Severe acute pancreatitis therapy, liver transplantation, laparoscopic megalocolon resection, hilar cholangicarcinoma resection by general surgery is advanced nationally. Electric cochlea input, trans-cerebral tumor resection, intra-cervical port tumor resection applied by ENT are well known in China. Hypersplenemia complexed with portal hypertention can be cured by double interventional therapy in Union Hospital. Many joint and centrum-related technologies by the orthopedics are among the first-class in China.

Union Hospital is well equipped with advanced medical instruments, including one first-class oncology center, 16-splice spiral CT, gamma knife, hyperconductive MRI, PET, themotherapy instruments and others. To improve its medical service, a 33-floor, one of the biggest surgery buildings in Asia, and a 15000 square-meter comprehensive medical building are under construction.

  • Add: No.1277, Jiefang Avenue, Wuhan, Hubei Province, P.R. China 430022
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  • For information, please dial: 0086-027-85726754
  • For emergency, please dial: 0086-027-85726110, 85726120
  • E-mail to president: yzbgxx@whuh.com
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