Union Cancer Hospital of Tongji Medical College

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Union Cancer Hospital of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

The Cancer Center of Union Hospital Wuhan

The Union Cancer Hospital is affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Here, clinical work, scientific research, teaching and continued training are integrated. It is characterized with early diagnosis and regular comprehensive management of malignant tumors. There are 200 beds for patients. The hospital is equipped with the most advanced radiotherapy center and hyperbaric medicine center in Hubei province. And the hospital has engaged many world-known consultants who are good at clinical work, research and teaching. In addition, the hospital possesses a group of experienced professors, a team of specialized and energetic mid-aged specialists, most of whom have come back to China from USA or Germany. Master degree is a primary degree among chief doctors. Professor Wang Guoobin, the president of the Union Cancer Hospital, a doctoral advisor, is a famous gastric-intestinal surgeon, and has made great achievements in the diagnosis and treatment of the gastric-intestinal tumors. Professor Feng Gansheng, who is the vice-president of the hospital and a doctoral advisor, is a specialist of interventional radiology, and he is also one of the pioneers of the interventional therapy field and a specialist in the medical image field. Professor Wu Gang, the director of the radiotherapy and chemotherapy center, who once pursued his studies in USA, is experienced in radiotherapy and chemotherapy of various malignant tumors. Under his leadership, the Union Cancer Hospital has carried out not only routine radiotherapy, but also stereotactic radiotherapy, 3-deminsion conformal radiotherapy. Furthermore, the intensity-modulated conformal radiotherapy was firstly implemented in Hubei province.

The Union Cancer Hospital places great stress on specialty development, through a combination of equipment and excellent specialists. It integrates radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hyperthermia, interventional therapy, biotherapy and stem cell transplantation into a comprehensive therapy center. The technology is among the best in China. Besides, the hospital is equipped with a series of word-class radiotherapy equipment: Primus single photon and double photon linear accelerator made by Siemens company in Germany, a balance CT simulator, which is specially used in simulation of cancer radiotherapy and 3D treatment; a routine simulator made by Toshiba, a set of CMS-3D Treatment planning system (TPS) and the unique Autimo2.5D automatic milling machine in Hubei province, the newest cobalt-60 machine, stereotactic radiotherapy system and so on. All the advanced equipments above make a solid foundation for the implementation of conformal radiotherapy and intensity-modulated radiotherapy. The intensity modulated radiotherapy is the main tide of radiation therapy in the 21st century. The application of this technology means that we are among the best China radiation therapy centers. Our patients will get great benefit from the intensity modulated radiotherapy. The new hyperbaric medicine center of the hospital is the biggest byperbaric therapy base of Hubei province. Hyperbaric therapy has good effects on treating harmful gas poisoning and various diseases, and finally promotes recovery rate. The hospital is also equipped with a hyperthermia machine patented by USA. It opens up a new way for treatment of the late-phase tumor patients.

The hospital emphasizes on the international exchange and cooperation in terms of technology. It has been keeping up with the international level in comprehensive therapy of tumors. The hospital has also carried out scientific researches on early diagnosis of tumor and the optimum treatment protocols. People here have got the first prize of science & technology awarded by Ministry of Health twice, and have also got the first prize of science & technology of Hubei Province once. A series of projects granted by the State Science Foundation or Hubei Province are on going.

The cancer center has established a modern service concept, concentrating on the patients care, serving the people and making contribution to the society based on the needs of the society, qualified skills, good service, beautiful surroundings, and excellent personnel.

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