Tianqiheng--- Fish Noodles

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Tianqiheng--- Fish Noodles (in fresh and thick soup)

Tianqiheng Fish Noodles Restaurant, located at Hualou Street in Hankou District, is an old restaurant in Wuhan famous for fish noodles. Fish noodle is a snack preferably matched with youtiao (a fried dough stick). Therefore, vendors often sell fish noodles and youtiao together. The noodles are prepared as follows: grind polished long-grained non-glutinous rice into slurry and prepare it as powder, then add water to strand and boil and make it into shape of noodles. Stew and boil fresh crucian (or eel) into soup, and add water and rice noodles into it to prepare the soup. Then add seasonings required. While it is well cooked, put noodles and soup into a bowl, sprinkle chopped green onion and pepper, and eat together with youtiao. You will have a quite special enjoyment. Its soup is thick, and noodles are white, thin and tough, thus fish noodles taste delicious and are quite nutritious. That’s where its wide reputation lays upon.