The Guide to Wuhan Food Streets

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The Guide to Wuhan Food Streets

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Enjoy delicious snacks and various foods in Wuhan, you』ll find a distinctive flavor and perceive an unimaginable feeling.

1. Hualou Street?DA Street for Dainty Food and Colorful Entertainment

Characteristics: A street features snacks of all locals such as fast food chain restaurants of Yijiazi’s style in Wanda Mall for delicious food, pot-stewed fowl of Popo’s style, sour and spicy potato noodles of Chongqing, wheel pancakes of Taiwan, Japanese keli rolls, shaomai (a steamed dumpling with the dough gathered at the top) of Shunxiang restaurant on Jiaotong Road and in Jiaotong Alley, rice flour in fresh and thick soup of ancient Hankou style, dried buns, sour and spicy New Year cakes of Korean style and sleeve-fish cooked on iron board of Dalian’s style. So people can eat food, buy some food home and enjoy themselves here.

  • Address: behind Jiali Plaza, Zhongshan Avenue, Jianghan District
  • Routes: take No. 2 trolley bus, No. 24 or 608 buses to Jiali Plaza stop.

2. Minyi Street?DA Night Street for Barbecue and Snacks

Characteristics: With various kinds of barbecue and breakfast served, the street is famed with Yipinxiang steamed dumplings, fried wonton, savory banmian (noodles served with soy sauce, sesame butter, etc), rice noodles with pork’s stomach seasoned with gastrodia elata and noodles with duck’s meat in Sha county, Fujian.

  • Address: Minyi Street, Jianghan District
  • Routes: No. 1 trolley bus, No. 108 or 503 buses to Sanminlu stop.

3. Jingwu Road?DA Road for Pot-stewed Fowl

Characteristics: Typical pot-stewed Fowl featuring Jingwu duck’s neck and various kinds of local breakfast are the favorite of local citizens.

  • Address: next to Xunlimen, Jiefang Avenue, Jianghan District
  • Routes: take No. 3 trolley bus, No. 522 or 703 buses to Xunlimen stop.

4. Food and Beverage Service in Wushang Road

Characteristics: Various snacks and fast food restaurants are gathered there, mixed with food and beverage town, pizza restaurant and Kentucky in Wuhan Department Store and Wuhan Plaza.

  • Address: on the north of Wuhan Department Store, Jiefang Avenue, Jianghan District
  • Routes: taker No. 3 trolley bus or No. 522, 716, 519, 709 buses to Wushanglu stop or Zhongshan Park stop.

5. Qiaokou Road for Dainty Food

Characteristics: The local renowned restaurant Xiaolanjing and typical restaurants of Sichuan as well as Hu』nan style are competing there.

  • Address: Qiaokou Road, Jiefang Avenue, Qiaokou District
  • Routes: take No. 3 trolley bus, No. 701 or 1 buses or the bus with the route from Dijiao to Chenjiadun to Qiaokou Road stop.

6. Night Snack Market in Shenghuocun, Gutian 2nd Road

Characteristics: Service is available in all varieties such as hot braised noodles, tangbao (a steamed dumpling filled with minced meat and gravy), street restaurants and barbecue, etc.

  • Address: Gutian 2nd Road , Jiefang Avenue, Qiaokou District
  • Routes: take No.222 bus or the buses with the route from Dijiao to Chenjiadun to Gutian 2nd Road.

7. Night Snack Street in Zongguan and Shuichang

Characteristics: It is featured with distinctive dog’s flesh and chaffy dish of Jiang’s style as well as popular barbecue and snacks.

  • Address: Zongguan Shuichang on Jiefang Avenue, Qiaokou District
  • Routes: take No. 701, No.1 buses, or the buses with the route from Dijiao to Chenjiadun to Zongguan Shuichang stop.

8. Night Street Restaurants in Jiqing Street

Characteristics: Enjoying a long-standing reputation, the street restaurants serve eaters with delicious foods as well as beautiful musical performance, which is distinctive from other ones.

  • Address: Jiqing Street, Zhongshan Avenue, Jiang』an District
  • Routes: take No. 2 trolley bas, No. 608, 717 or 24 buses to Dazhi Road stop.

9. Street Bars of European style along Yangtze River

Characteristics: It boasts various styles of European bars like the representative English tea bar as well as food and beverage restaurants together with street performances at night.

  • Address: Yanjiang Avenue, Jiang』an District
  • Routes: take No. 402, 68 or 503 buses to Jiangtan Park stop.

10. Food and Beverage Restaurants on Hong Kong Road

Characteristics: With Chinese food and beverage restaurants on both sides, the road famed with the restaurant named 「Xianglirenjia」.

  • Address: Hong Kong Road, Jiefang Avenue, Jiang』an District
  • Routes: take No. 3 trolley bus, No. 712 or 64 buses to Hong Kong Road or Xima Road stop.

11. Cattle’s Bones Street in Daishan

Characteristics: There are various dishes of cattle’s bones from Dijiao with a peculiar flavor, among which cheap 「Niuwanwan」 in 「Marshal Palace」, 4 yuan each, is a typical kind of new snack with local taste.

  • Address: Along the street in Dijiao and Daijiashan in Jiang』an District
  • Routes: No. 717 or the bus from Dijiao to Chenjiadun to Dijiao Stop.

12. Night Barbecue Street in Yaoluti

Characteristics: It used to be the biggest and most popular night street restaurant in Hanyang.

  • Address: Yaoludi in Hanyang
  • Routes: take No. 45 bus to Yaoluti stop.

13. 「Mengtian Lake」 Food Zone on Youyi Avenue

Characteristics: As a high-grade food and beverage zone in Qingshan, it is well-known for traditional Indian flying pancakes cooked by an Indian cook in Mengtian Lake Hotel.

  • Address: around the Mengtian Lake Hotel on Youyi Avenue, Qingshan
  • Routes: take No. 702 or 540 buses to Gongye Road Stop.

14. Dainty Food Town in Shouyi Garden

Characteristics: Various snacks both at home and abroad and restaurants of different sizes assembled there, which form a new style of local taste, such as grilled fish of Zhang’s style.

  • Address: Pengliuyang Road in Wuchang
  • Routes: No. 1 or 4 trolley bus, or No. 108, 10, 64, 608, 519 or 703 bus to Yuemachang station.

15. Snacks with Local Flavor in Hubu Alley

Characteristics: A variety of breakfast foods of local taste such as, mianwo (round and thin fried dough with a crispy center) of Xie’s style, hot braised noodles of Mrs. Shi’s style, Dousi (dried rice noodles) of Old Qian’s style and fried rice cakes of Wu’s style is extremely welcomed there.

  • Address: Ziyou Road in Simenkou, Jiefang Road, Wuchang
  • Routes: take No. 14, 19 or 576 buses to Zhonghua Road station.