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Suizhou (Chinese: 隨州; pinyin: Suízhōu) is a prefecture-level city in Hubei province, People's Republic of China.

City Seat Zengdu District
(29°43′N, 112°24′E)
Area 9,636 km²
Population 2.58 million
- Total
- Per Capita

¥22 billion (2006)
Major Nationalities Han
County-level divisions 2
Township-level divisions 54
CPC Committee Secretary Wu Chao (吳超)
Mayor Li Hongyun
Area code 722
Postal Code 441300
(Urban center)


The prefecture-level city of Suizhou administers 2 county-level divisions, including 1 district and 1 county-level city.

These are further divided into 54 township-level divisions, including 36 towns, 11 townships and 7 subdistricts.


Suizhou as a prefecture-level city has a short history. Its current status was only granted by the State Council in June, 2000.

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