Shunxiang Restaurant: Shaomei

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Shunxiang Restaurant: Shaomei (a steamed dumpling with the dough gathered at the top)

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Shunxiang Restaurant, located at the intersection of Hankou Hualou Street and Jiaotong Road, is an old restaurant of nearly fifty years for selling shaomei immersed in cooking oil. Shaomei prepared in this restaurant is characteristic of heavy oil without fatness, chrysanthemum shape and delicious taste, thus earns wide reputation far and near.

Shaomei is prepared with the following procedures: cut fat pork, steamed buns, orange cakes, pignuts, sugar candy and currants into dices; fry them for a short while ( stop before oil emits); then mix sweet-scented osmanthus, green and red pepper and white sugar to prepare stuffing. Put some water into the flour and add some salt. Knead it for about three minutes. Strand into strip and cut into pieces. Sprinkle dry starch on the kneading board and then roll the pieces into thin wrappers in shape of lotus leaf. Add some sesame oil into stuffing and wrap the stuffing with wrappers. Then prepare them by frying, roasting or steaming. Shaomei is quite sweet and delicious and thus is loved by many people.