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Paradise of Shopping

The Shopping Center of Wuhan Department Store: the Giant in Commerce of Wuhan The shopping center is composed of House Appliances Section of Wuhan Department Store, Wuhan Plaza, and World Trade Plaza, which is funded cooperatively by Wuhan Department Store Group and Dexin Group of Hong Kong. Integrating the functions of shopping, entertainment, business, amusement, and blending oriental and occidental cultures, it is a first class luxurious shopping center throughout China. Covering a business area of 80,000 square meters, there are 200,000 international famous brands and national popular commodities.

Digital Hanzhengjie

Hanzhengjie is the main down street in the Old Hankou Town. It’s located south to the Hangshui River and east to the Yangtze River. Because of the convenient shipment, the street boomed with commercial activities. More than 500 years ago, this place took on a flourishing sight.

With our country’s economic reform and opening up to the outside world, the ancient street irradiated with vitality. Hanzhengjie took a leading place to restore and develop the economy of individual and civilian management in 1979. Today Hanzhengjie, which occupies 2.56 square kilometers, has developed into the biggest wholesale market of small commodities in central China and gained the honor as 「the First Street in the World」.

With the changes of 500 years, the historic development of Hanzhengjie was an epitome of the big wuhan’s development, as well as that of the small commodity wholesale market’s development.

Introduction to Hanzhengjie commercial tour zone.

Hanzhengjie, which originated in the Ming Dynasty with a history of 530 years, is the cradle of commercial culture of Wuhan faction. Since Chinese Reform & Opening-up in 1979, Hanzhengjie regained the title "the first street in the world". A new campaign, developing Hanzhengjie into commercial tour zone, was recently launched by both governments of Wuhan city and Qiaokou district to raise Wuhan role as a city, to boom and develop Hanzhengjie market. Through the development of Hanzhengjie commercial tour zone, the superiority of the trademark of Hanzhengjie would be stimulated further. Upon completion o f the campaign, Hanzhengjie will be profiled into a new one characterized by:

  • Epitome of the history and culture of the old Hankou as a commercial town for 500 years;
  • New circular-route of tour around the central city of Wuhan;
  • New landscape with typical buildings of Wuhan city;
  • New source of economic growth of Qiaokou district in the next run.

Hanzhengjie market administration committee

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The office of investment of Hanzhengjie

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