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Shiyan, built up with the development of automobile industry, she is an automobile city , hometown of " Dong Feng Motor " and known as " Oriental Detroit ", a city boasts greenery mountain, tourism and well-protected ecology.

With a long history and splendid culture, Shiyan is an important birthplace of Chinese nation. In 1991, two intact pithecanthrope skull fossils explored by archaeologist at the Quyuan River of Yun County, named "Yun County Man". The archaeologist believes that this discovery filled in the vacancy of the development of Asian human " roller chain ", ranked as the top of "ten great discoveries of archaeological studies of the world " in that year. The current urban area , named Shiyan , rooted in that in Qing Dynasty ten dams were built on the Baier River and Jiang River for the purpose of irrigating. Shiyan is the origins of Taoism and " Wudang Martial Arts", Wudang Taoism has already had a history of thousand of years, Wudang ancient architectural complex has been listed into the world heritage by the UNESCO.

Shiyan, the area accounts for 1/8 of the Hubei province , featuring with abundant water and mineral resources . The mineral deposit that is already verified now has such more than 50 kinds as turquoise , gold, silver, coal, lanthanide, iron, tin , vanadium, marble, etc., potential value is above 400 billion Yuan. The hydropower resource reserves reach 5 million kw theoretically , 340 kw is expected to be utilized, annual average flow up to 10 billion square meters and 28 billion square meters in transition;special native products won the good reputation , tea , edible fungus are abundant in output, Fang County crowned as " township of Jew’s ear";the resources of medicinal material with various kinds, account for 235 varieties listed in country’s most-important-category, 2700 kinds were produced, praised as " Natural Medicinal Material Storehouse"

Shiyan is a nation wide automobile city. It is one of the automobile industrial bases with largest scale in China, known as " Oriental Detroit" Shiyan is the cradle of Dong Feng Motor, birthplace of Dong Feng Motor Company, with numerous influential automobile fitting enterprises and with most competitive automobile technologies research institute as well as automobile fittings trade market. Automobile manufacturer, associated spare part enterprises are up to more then 200 in the whole city, with which has auto industry assets are more than 200,000, annual capacity of automobiles in various types is up to 300,000. In 2003, the strategic cooperation between Dong Feng Company and Nissan Company, the greatest joint venture project in the circle of China’s automobile industry started comprehensively, Shiyan, as the main commercial car production base, more than 5 billion Yuan investment will be newly increased in the following five years.

Shiyan is a tourism destination .It is a shining pearl on the golden tourism route goes across Three Gorges of Yangtze River, Longzhong , Mt. Wudang , Danjiangkou Reservoir and Xi』an , within the border, Shiyan has been noted for its tourism attractions, such as Mt. Wudang , holy land of Taoism , listed in the world cultural heritage and titled as four-A grade tourism zone , Danjiangkou Reservoir, crowned as the first largest man-made lake in Asia, homeland of dinosaur with concentrated dinosaur eggs and skeletons fossil, and the site of ape in Yun County. Combined with hot spring, waterfall, gorge, cave, virgin forest and modern city, no heat in summer while no cold in winter, poetic and picturesque scenery, Shiyan is an ideal place that makes people reluctant to leave.

Shiyan is the water source of South-North Water Diversion. Danjiangkou Reservoir located in border of Shiyan is the water source district along the middle line of South to North Water Diversion Project. The implemention f the project will supply water with four provinces and cities in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Henan. With the construction of South=North Water Diversion Project , Shiyan will encounter new opportunities.

Shiyan is an ecological barrier. Thanks to the join of Mt. Qinling and Mt. Ba ,forming up a geographical climate boundary, defending sand storm to transform from the South to the North as well as acid rain from the South to the North, therefore, Shiyan is an ecological conditioner and heart of China.

Over past three decades since the establishment of Shiyan , in particular the implementation of reforming and opening up to the world in past two decades, two civilizations ( spiritual and material civilization )have been made rich achievement, grew up form a poor town to a relatively regional major city with scale and competitiveness. The spiritual civilization yield fruitful results, such as the title of " National Hygiene City", "National Advanced Tourism City and National Best Ten Afforesting City and National Advanced City of Environment Administration" etc. Currently, such the leading industries as automobile, water and electricity has been formed into a certain scale, the construction of economy tending to be perfect, science, education and culture is booming, the urban management is being promoted and the social economy developing in harmony.

Next economic development strategic: to construct traffic passage that links up the Eastern with Western part of China, build Shiyan into a internationalized automobile industry base, establish Han River-Du River hydropower industrial zone, set up golden tourism circle connects Northwest with Southwest of the country and develop key district of western ecological economy of Hubei province so as to drive Shiyan become an important growth pole with distinct characteristic in Hubei.

The Mayor:Chen Tianhui