Scripts of Wuhan CBD Promotion Album

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Scripts of Wuhan CBD Promotion Album


Developing together with Wuhan and growing together with the central China

Having the opportunities of central China growth and supporting the urban development of Wuhan

Gathering top service industries and radiating from the vast central market

Forging an international commercial platform and recreating a modern urban image

Having limitless investment business opportunities and creating a huge commercial fortune

Part I The growing central China and the developing Wuhan

Wuhan is calling for its own CBD

「We will promptly work out plans and measures to energize the central region. Full advantage should be taken of the region's geographic location and overall economic strengths to develop modern agriculture, particularly in the main grain-producing areas, improve the overall transportation system, build more bases for producing energy and important raw materials, and accelerate the development of competitive manufacturing and new and high technology industries. We will open up the central region's large market to greatly stimulate the flow of goods. The state will support this work through policy, funding and the deployment of major development projects.」

--- Premier Wen Jiabao’s Government Work Report at the third session of the Tenth National People’s Congress in March 2005

I. Brilliant Wuhan

Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, has a population of 8.3 million, covering an area of 8,494 sq kilometers. The Yangtze River, the third longest one in the world, and the Han River, its longest tributary, converge here, dividing Wuhan into three towns: Hankou, Wuchang and Hanyang. From ancient times, Wuhan enjoys the honorable title of the 「River City」.

Wuhan has the inheritance and accumulation of a 3500-year-old civilization. In the 1930s, Wuhan saw the commercial prosperity. In the modern times, Wuhan has always been the political, commercial, industrial and financial center in central China.

Till now, Wuhan has developed into the largest city in central China and a port for both domestic and foreign trade. As the industrial, financial, commercial, technological, cultural and educational center in central China, Wuhan is also the biggest communication hub in the mainland China, radiating from the central and western regions such as Henan, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Shan』xi, Shanxi. It functions as the 「central pole」 connecting the east and the west, the south and the north.

II. Charming Wuhan

With the growth of central China and the construction of urban circle, Wuhan, as the communication hub, is integrating its advantages such as market, resources, technology, talents etc. to speed up the development of Wuhan Urban Circle, the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, the Pearl River Delta Economic Circle to create a regional economic setup which is most tremendous and influential in the 21st century China.

To service the economy of Wuhan and satisfy the international commercial cooperation and exchange, the municipal Party committee and municipal government made the timely proposal that Wuhan should establish its own CBD. Taking advantage of the good social and economic developing trend of Wuhan, having the eyes on the future developing goal, we should construct Wuhan CBD actively to further expand the market, control and use resources so as to promote the development of Hubei province and the central region of china and make Wuhan a new focus point for international economic cooperation and exchange.

Part II Center of Central China, Heart of Wuhan

Introduction to Wuhan CBD

As one of the key projects of Wuhan, Wuhan CBD (Wangjiadun CBD) is situated in Wangjiadun district, the downtown of Hankou, covering an area of 7.14 sq kilometers. It features locational advantage and convenient transportation. It is the convergent point of the urban backbone roads, elevated railways, airports, and highways. According to the General Urban Planning of Wuhan (1996-2020) approved by the State Council in 1999, Wangjiadun CBD is the financial and commercial district.

According to the General Planning of Wuhan Wangjiadun CBD, Wuhan CBD will be constructed into a modern multi-functional service center that gathers business office, trade, cultural entertainment, exhibition and residence. The CBD, together with China Optical Valley (Wuhan) and the modern manufacturing center of Hanyang, will form a high-efficient, beneficial interactive 「economic golden delta」, which will not only give prominence to the function and status of Wuhan as the economic center in central China, but also function as a window for displaying the international new image and new look of Wuhan in the 21st century.

I. Orientation of the project

Wuhan CBD will be constructed into a modern service center 「basing itself upon the central China, facing the world, serving the whole country」 with such industries forming its main body as finance, insurance, trade, information and consultation etc. By integrating exhibition, retail, hotels and accommodation etc. into a whole, it will become a comprehensive urban center that features the most active business opportunities, the most convenient transportation, the highest land prices and the most centralized production and life services.

II. Characteristics of the location

Wuhan CBD is located in the strategic passage of the three towns, covering an area of 7.41 sq kilometers. Enclosed by such urban backbone and express roads as Qingnian Road, Changqing Road, Jianshe Avenue, Hanxi Road and Fazhan Avenue, it has excellent locational advantages. Close to the traditional commercial and financial center, it features strong business atmosphere and excellent accessibility. Together with China Optical Valley (Wuhan) and the modern manufacturing center, it will form the economic 「golden delta」 which will release the economic development potential to the largest degree.

III. CBD advantages

(I) The most convenient transportation: Wuhan CBD is between the inner-ring and second-ring. By the aid of the urban express backbone roads and the elevated railway which is being planned, it is accessible to the key centers of the city. The short distance to such communication hub as airport and railway contribute to help realize the connection between the CBD and other major domestic cities.

(II) The most advantageous surroundings: Wuhan 「financial street」 expands from Jianshe Avenue to Wuhan CBD. Jianhan Road and Wuhan Plaza are also close to the CBD where financial industries, business atmosphere, commercial exchange and population are highly concentrated.

(III) The richest business opportunities: The economy of Wuhan remains good growth trend. The real estate market that contains huge investment opportunities is unprecedentedly lively. Meanwhile, the 「growth of central China」 policy will lead the central provinces and cities to promote the economic development. Wuhan’s strong economic radiating force and traffic accessibility will contribute to help the business firms to occupy the central vast market

Part III Internationally universal, having characteristics of Wuhan

?D?Dthe CBD planning which constructs the landscape concept

The planning of Wuhan CBD puts stress on the promotion of city function, economic feasibility and the advanced sustainable development concept. The planning of the CBD not only satisfies the requirements of urban development but also conforms to the objective requirement of the market, which ensures that the general quantity of various projects of the CBD are economically reasonable and feasible and ensures the internal sustainable economic drive for the steady and smooth construction of the CBD.

At the same time, Wuhan CBD puts emphasis on ecology and humanity development topics, compromising such internationally advanced urban construction concepts as environmental protection, smoothness, 24-hour, digital intelligence, making efforts to construct an 「internationally universe, but having Wuhan characteristics 」 CBD.

I. Planning process

According to the guiding thought 「high starting point, high standard, high efficiency, high grade」 proposed by the municipal Party committee and municipal government, at the earlier stage Wuhan CBD invested huge amount of money to invite McKinsey, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Jones Lang LaSalle to conduct successively the strategic planning and financial feasibility study and the strategic planning scheme of the booster sector.

In accordance with the international convention, the innovative thought 「first study, then collect, last assemble」 was adopted. More than 10 well-known design institutes, both domestic and international, such as America SOM, were invited to participate in the case study. At the same time, a number of well-known experts, both domestic and international, formed Wuhan CBD planning expert consultation committee. The CBD absorbs the advanced concepts and original design ideas and gathers the international top talents. In June 2004, The General Planning Scheme of Wuhan Wangjiadun District was completed by Wuhan Municipal Academy of Urban Planning and Design and approved by Wuhan Municipal People’s Government in December 2004.

II. Advanced concepts

City of accessibility: adopting the multilevel traffic network and humanized traffic concepts. Taking the traffic 「golden cross」 as the axe. Combining with the interchange fly-over system, pedestrian facilities accessible from all directions such as the pedestrian street, corridors and the elevated railway transportation. A high-efficient and smooth road network will be formed.

City of greenery: introducing environmental protection and sustainable development concepts. Putting stress on the construction of ecological space. Not only ensuring high quality living conditions but also providing a free, harmonious, relaxed environment and an enjoyable 「green space」 for working and living.

City of Vitality: Wuhan CBD makes efforts to release all the business possibilities to the largest degree. The specialty commercial street and stores provide excellent night shopping places. Theatres, concert halls, art museums and cinemas offer the high-grade night entertainment places. Waterside bars, cafés, and high-grade restaurants provide the romantic night leisure places. Besides, there are open-air exhibition grounds. The plazas also set off the bustling atmosphere at night in the CBD, the 24-hour 「sleepless city」.

City of information: putting stress on information-based construction. Having the high-speed network which connects the whole district. Providing such whole-day service as broadband, special lines and satellite T-R stations to receive the global latest information in time. People can get online whenever and wherever they want and enjoy the advanced 3G (mobile) service. All this makes the connection between Wuhan CBD and the world closer and more convenient. The CBD is an international information-based commercial center in the 21st century.

City of fortune: Wuhan CBD gathers such financial organs as banking, insurance and top modern service industries such as law, consulting, accounting, etc. Relying on the rapid development of Wuhan, the CBD will create limitless fortune opportunities.

III. Planning structure

Wuhan CBD has 「one center, two axis and four functional areas.」 「One center」 refers to the central business district, which covers an area of 1.0 sq kilometer. 「Two axis」 are the traffic 「Golden Cross」 and the commercial 「Golden Cross」, both of which, with the same structure but in different position, reflect the prosperity and high efficiency of the modern CBD. 「Four Functional areas」 consist of the central business center, the living city (the booster sector), the comprehensive business area and the residential area.

IV. Commercial Center

The commercial Center, the core area of Wuhan CBD covering an area of 100 hectares, mainly functions as business office buildings, as well as commercial, cultural and entertainment center with middle and high-grade hotels. In the middle of the center is the Central Square, around which are the high-rise buildings for finance, insurance and comprehensive business, which form the Business Core. The walking street across the core, the landscape city space connecting the CBD, the fountains, brooks, open-air coffee bars and other outdoor facilities, all create an agreeable commercial atmosphere. Moreover, with the core as the center, four special business streets are planned, including the comprehensive business street with hotels, retail street and shopping center, and the pedestrian street which integrates entertainment, food, and shopping into a whole

V. Complete Living City (the booster sector)

The complete Living City, with an area of 63 hectares, is situated in the Fanhu starting area in the northeastern part of the CBD. It is designated as a completely new living city in accordance with the modern service center of central China. It integrates exhibition, business, hotels, residence and office buildings into a whole. As an entirely new living city reflecting Wuhan’s economy, humanity development trend and geographic features, the city provides a favorable space for commercial exchange. As the booster sector of the CBD, the complete living city, connecting the CBD core district, forms the main entrance to the CBD and attracts more customers for the future development of the CBD by its exhibitions, retails, restaurants and hotels, which can not only meet the high requirements of domestic and foreign companies but also provide necessary living facilities. Thus, a popular 24-hour living city is created.

VI. Comprehensive commercial zone

Comprehensive commercial zone, with an area of 65.5 hectares, located in the western side of the CBD, is close to Jianshe Road. It functions mainly as a bridge connecting the CBD and the old urban district through the comprehensive business street. Business buildings, apartments and a small number of office buildings will be built, which mainly serves for the CBD and the outer urban regions. The zone commits itself to creating a highly modern place for retail, entertainment, hotels, culture and residence and an attractive sleepless CBD environment.

VII. High-grade residential zone

High-grade residential zone, located in the semi-circular CBD, consists of the high-grade, well-equipped, beautiful business and commercial comprehensive buildings and high-grade residential area. The zone mainly functions as a residential area. The planned area of the zone is 280 hectares, including the 12-hectare modern gymnastic center, which serves for the CBD and the residents in the community. The zone provides residents with healthy facilities as well as comfortable and well-equipped living space so as to enrich the function of the CBD and attract more people.

VIII. Construction plan

The first stage for confidence building: from 2006 to 2008, starting Wuhan CBD; completing some main arterial highway and lake, bringing the business value in the booster sect and creating fine image of Wuhan CBD.

The second stage of steady development: from 2009 to 2012, building the urban transportation frameworks and main basic facilities; enhancing remarkably the city living space quality; setting up the commercial space of the CBD and the residential area in the south; extending landscaping area and setting a foundation for the future all-around development.

The third stage of all-round development: from 2013 to 2020, completing the construction of urban transportation networks and all basic facilities; fully starting construction of Commercial Center, basically forming pattern of commercial Golden Cross.

The forth stage of fulfilling the blueprint: form 2017 to 2020, fully completing Wuhan CBD, mting the height of the commercial office space; extending the landscape areas in the CBD, forming the Center of Central China, Heart of Wuhan, which energetically collects economic and commercial affairs.

Technical and Economic Index of Plan




Total area

sq kilometers 7.41

Construction scale

Ten-thousand sq meters 1300

Average cubage rate


Height of the tallest building

metre >500

Average Rate of greenbelt % >17

Rate of road % >22

Summary of Planned Land use for CBD AREA




Residential 246.26 33.23

Commercial area 34.35 4.64

Public facilities 133.68 18.03

Green 92.43 12.47

Road and Square 195.20 26.34

Municipal Public facilities 3.28 0.44

Water area and others 35.20 4.83

Part IV Bright future and limitless business opportunities

?D?D Development construction and investment cooperation

With the deployment and implementation of strategy for central China to grow up, during the new round economic development tide, Wuhan is brought to the major opportunity of modern service industry. Wuhan CBD is a core project to cultivate and develop Wuhan modern service industry, the development and construction of it will completely escalate the scale and modernization level of such four industries as finance, commerce and trade, exhibition, and housing, vigorously cultivate such new industries as intermediary and service industry like law, accounting, information, design and consultation, city tourism, enterprise service, and community service, releasing unprecedented immense economic growth strength and investment potential.

The construction period of Wuhan CBD is about 15 years. Investment for the construction of the municipal basic facilities is about 4 to 5 billion yuan. It is planned that the construction of the CBD will attract total investment 100 billion yuan. The number of population working and living in CBD will reach 150,000 to 200,000 by the year of 2019. According to some authoritative organs such as McKinsey, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Jones Lang LaSalle, developers will get higher return from Wuhan CBD projects than ordinary ones.

CBD needs advanced international products and equipment, technology, management experience, programming and design concept and internationalized operational wisdom, conducting service-oriented cooperation including project contracting. In the previous period, we have successfully and friendly cooperated with world famous Mackenzie, Price Water House Coopers Consulting, SOM Design Firm of U.S., German OBERMEYER Design and Consultant GmbH, Atkins of England and so on. On the other hand, we sincerely welcome guests to Wuhan to participate in the investment and construction, partake of the development result including cooperative development of individual project and such investment cooperation.

I. Demand of the market

Various related products and equipment

Contracting of projects

Supplying and renting of equipment

Management and consulting of projects

Programming, designing, planning and consulting of projects

Operation management of projects

Property management

II. Schedule of project setup


Classification and content

Area (unit: hectare)

Construction scale (unit: 10,000 m2)

Complete Living City (the booster sector)

Exhibition center, hotels, residence, business, office building 63 120

Business office building

Comprehensive office building, mono office building 35 200

Commercial projects

Commercial synthesis, business street 20 40-50

Business and residential apartment

Ordinary business and residential building, hotel apartments and SOHO apartment group 30 120

High-grade residencial zone

Comprehensive residential zone, high-rise residential zone, multi-storeyed residential zone, villa zone 70 200


Super-five-star, five- star, four-star hotels etc. 17 70

Recreation, sports and entertainment

Comprehensive sports center, waterside bar, culture street, entertainment plaza, theme parks etc. 13 16-18

III. The comprehensive project of the living city (the booster sector)

(I) Brief introduction to the project

Located in the northeast part of the CBD, the booster sector covers an area of 63 hectares. It extends to Qingnian Road in the east, Changqing Road in the north, Baofeng Road in the west. In the south, the road being planned makes the boundary.

The booster sector, connecting the central commercial region externally and internally, is the core commercial engine. It is 1.5 kilometers away from the financial street, 3 kilometers from Hangkong Road and Wuhan Plaza circle.

Description of the land: Located in the northeast part of the CBD, the booster sector covers an area of 63 hectares. It extends to Qingnian Road in the east, Changqing Road in the north, and next to the overhead road in the west. In the south, the road being planned makes the boundary. The booster sector, connecting the central commercial region externally and internally, is the core commercial engine. It is 1.5 kilometers away from the financial street, 3 kilometers from Hangkong Road and Wuhan Plaza circle. It is close to Hankou Railway Station and it is also the place closest to Tianhe Airport from the city center. Investment projects The exhibition project: 530,000 sq meters, cubage rate 2.2, of which the exhibition center 60,000 sq meters, business office building 120,000 sq meters, retail office building 200,000 sq meters, hotel and apartment mixed project 150,000 sq meters. Cooperative mode: cooperative development, buying out of projects, buying shares of projects

Mixed property project: 230,000 sq meters, cubage rate 4.0, of which apartment with hotel-styled services 50,000 sq meters, office building with hotel-styled services 30,000 sq meters, residential 150,000 sq meters (of which commercial 20,000 sq meters)

The residential project: 320,000 sq meters, of which the first-class business office building 80,000 sq meters, business office building 30,000 sq meters

Planning Index

Total area:69.3 HA

Net land use area: 46.6HA

Construction area: 1,090,000 sq meters

Average cubage rate:2.3

Market analysis The complete living city functions as the booster in the whole CBD project, connecting the CBD core district, and forms the main entrance to the CBD and attracts more customers for the future development of the CBD by its exhibitions, retails, restaurants and hotels, which can not only provide a guidepost for the business property in the CBD, promotes the quality of office buildings in Wuhan, meet the high requirements of domestic and foreign companies but also provide necessary living facilities for the large-scale commercial zone, and attract more people.

Part V Government leadership and enterprises operation

?D?D Conforming to the international practice and operation mode

Wuhan CBD takes the lead in China in adopting the market-oriented operation mode. The development and construction of the CBD is completed through the commercial operation. For this reason, Wuhan municipal government set up Wangjiadun CBD development and construction leading group and Wangjiadun CBD development and construction office. The government also offers actively sufficient support and guidance. In addition, according to international convention, Wuhan Wangjiadun CBD Construction & Investment Co., Ltd was established as the main operation body. A new mode 「government services, enterprises operate」 came into being. The management mechanism and service system in line with the international convention are carried out in the CBD.

I. Organization and management structure

Wuhan Municipal People’s Government

Wangjiadun CBD development and construction leading group

Wangjiadun CBD development and construction office

Wuhan Wangjiadun CBD Construction & Investment Co., Ltd

II. Shareholding companies

Established on February 8, 2002, Wuhan Wangjiadun CBD Construction & Investment Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the first-level land development, investment, construction and development of basic facilities and investment, planning, development and operation of CBD projects. Its registered capital is RMB 1 billion yuan.

Background information of shareholders

China Pan-sea Holdings Co., Ltd, established in 1988, is a national investment holdings company. Its main business covers financial industry, real estate (including the construction of basic facilities), enterprising investment and technological industry. Place of registry: Beijing

Wuhan Hankou Airport Transfer and Development Co., Ltd was approved by Wuhan Municipal People’s Government as a project entity company to construct the Aviation Hankou Airport (Wangjiadun Airport) in September 1998 in accordance with the requirements of 「project entity system 」. Place of registry: Wuhan

Guangcai Construction (Group) Co., Ltd, established in 1989, is a listed company and a comprehensive first-class enterprise for real estate development in Shenzhen. Place of registry: Shenzhen

Beijing Zhongguancun Development & Construction Co. Ltd is a branch company of 「Zhongguancun science and Technology」 which takes construction work and real estate development as its main body. It was set up by Beijing Zhongguancun Sci-tech Development (holdings) Co., Ltd. The company was formally founded on July 18, 2000. Place of registry: Beijing

Beijing Stone Juguang High-tech Development (Holdings) Co., Ltd was a high-tech research and development company set up jointly by Giant Investment Co., Ltd, Guangcai Career Investment (Group) Co., Ltd and Stone Information Product Technological Company. The company was founded in December 2001. Place of registry: Beijing

III. Wuhan CBD investment service

Relying on the good investment environment, Wuhan CBD will introduce the governmental 「one-station type」 service window, and establish special service network in the district and the highly effective investment service system to provide an omnibearing and customized investment service. Including investment, consulting, cultural exchange, convention and exhibition, soliciting, planning and transportation consulting, property management, commercial services.

With manifold and flexible methods, Wuhan CBD will invite investors of all circles, from Europe, USA, Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, China, to cooperate in good faith, to partake the enormous commercial opportunities of Wuhan CBD, jointly create the pattern of 「win-win」 and 「multi-win」.