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Qianjiang (simplified Chinese: 潛江; pinyin: Qiánjiāng) is a sub-prefecture-level city in China's Hubei province.

Geography and Climate

Qianjiang is located in south-central Hubei province in the Jiang-Han plain. It's area 2,004 km².

Qianjiang's climate is temperate. Average annual temperature is 17 °C。


Qianjiang became a county in 965 during the Song dynasty. It was the early center of the Chu State.


Xianning has 15 towns, 1 economic development zone, and 6 management areas.


Qianjiang's population is just over 1 million.


Qianjiang has an important oil field. Qianjiang has the potential of producing 200 million tons of oil, more than 9000 m3 of natural gas, and 800 billion tons of rock salt.

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