Hubei Cancer Hospital

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Hubei Cancer Hospital

Hubei Cancer Hospital, established in 1973, is one of 3-A hospitals confirmed by Ministry of Health. It is administered directly by Health Bureau of Hubei Province. Now the hospital is not only the biggest cancer hospital in Hubei Province, but also a center of teaching and training for medical students and medical workers.

The hospital is situated at No.16, Zhuodaoquan South Road, Hongshan district in Wuhan, which is just in 「China Optics Valley in Wuhan」 and surrounded with many universities. Its total area, total floorage and landscaping area are 160,000 m2 ,100,000m2 and 90,000m2 respectively. The hospital is blessed with evergreen trees, fragrant flowers and singing birds at all seasons. Beautiful South Lake is near to the hospital. So the scenery here is very beautiful!

It is a multidisciplinary hospital. There are 12 clinical departments, 7 medical technical departments and 10 departments for combination of basic and clinical research, of which, the department of radiotherapy, the department of breast diseases, the department of medical oncology are well-known in China. Hubei Cancer Institute and five centers were founded at the hospital: Hubei Provincial Radiotherapy Center, Hubei Provincial Chemotherapy Center, Hubei Provincial Research Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Breast Diseases, Hubei Provincial Tumor Sterospecific Radiotherapy Center, and Hubei Provincial Equipment Maintenance Center.

The hospital is equipped well. The following advanced equipments offer the best services for patients: ECT, TPS, multi-slice spiral CT, 1.5T super-conductor MR, C-2000 digital substraction angiographies, accelerator, mammography system with biopsy function, true color pathology image analysis system, etc.

There are 530 beds normally and 680 beds available in an emergency. Outpatients and inpatients at the hospital are about 50000 and 6000 per year, respectively. 2000 inpatients receive surgical operation each year. Most patients at this hospital come from Hubei Province. Some patients come from Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan.

There are more than 800 staff members at this hospital including 54 professors, 147 associate professors, 347 physicians in charge. Many well-known specialists are on the important positions of national or provincial associations related to cancer, Using systematic, standardized, multidisciplinary therapy, we have successfully treated a lot of patients with the cancers of thyroid, larynx, lung, breast, liver, nasopharyngeal, stomach, rectum, uterine cervix and malignant lymphomas. Their five-year survival rates have reached national advanced level.

In the past ten years, 17 ministrial or provincial research projects were finished, 216 new technologies were developed, 41 achievements were identified. We already got 12 prizes in different ranks, edited or co-edited 18 books, published thousands of papers in national journals. 「The Journal of Cancer Research on Prevention and Treatment」 is managed by our hospital. Friendly professional cooperation with England, America, France, Netherlands, Germany and Japan has been established. In addition, the hospital also takes on the task of teaching and training for medical students and workers in Hubei Province.

Now we are carrying out the reform of medical system. All medical affairs will focus on patients. We will do our best to offer patients good environment and excellent services. In the future, we will make utmost efforts to improve our hospital further to meet all needs of cancer patients and devote ourselves to the health of all cancer patients.