Friendship Cities

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Hubei has established relations with over 40 states (or provinces, prefectures, regions) and cities of over 20 countries like the United States, France and Japan. Through these friendly channels exchange and cooperation have been promoted in various fields of economy, science and technology, education, culture, medical treatment, and sports. By borrowing and learning from the advanced technology and management, Hubei has accelerated its economic and social development.

Hubei Province ---- Ohio, U.S.A. Alabama, U.S.A.

Hubei Province ---- Galati, Romania the Southern Province, Cameroon

Hubei Province ---- Brest, Belanls Kiev Ukraine

Hubei Province ---- Aquitaine, France Saarland, Germany

Hubei Province ---- Chuskaya,Kirghizstan Lorraine, France

Hubei Province ---- Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Saralov Oblast, Russia

Wuhan City ---- Oita, Japan Duisburg, Germany

Wuhan City ---- Pittsburgh, U.S.A. Manchester, U.K.

Wuhan City ---- Galati Romania Kiev, Ukraine

Wuhan City ---- Khartoum, Sudan Oyor, Hungary

Wuhan City ---- Bordeaux, France Amhem, The Netherlands

Wuhan City ---- Chongji,R.O. Korea

Xiangfan City ---- lnuyama, Japan Kostroma, Russia

Yichang City ---- Metz, France Ludwigsburg, Germany

Yichang Cit3 ---- Soderhamn, Sweden Zaporazhyz, Ukraine

Yichang City ---- Valencienne, France Charlestown, Australia

Ezhou City ---- Abengourou, Cote d'lvoire Sanzyo, Japan

Ezhou City ---- Whyana, Australia

Xiaogan City ---- Brest-Li-tevsk, Belams

Huangshi City ---- Rottwell, Germany

Huangshi City ---- Nelson, New Zealand Seki, Japan

Jingzhou City ---- Belaja Cerkov, Ukraine Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan

Jingzhou City ---- Westchester, USA

Jinmen City ---- Rio Rancho,USA

Shiyan City ---- Craiova, Romania

Suizhou City ---- Port Pirie, Australia

Qianjiang City ---- Heidenheim, Germany

Zhongxiang City ---- Tecuci, Romania

Chibi City ---- Baranovichi, Belams