Dupo Chicken

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Dupo Chicken

Dupo Chicken, handed down through generations in a family by the surname of du, adopts the secret recipe used in the emperor’s palace of Qing Dynasty with a long history of 200 years. Although made a noise in areas south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, it was once lost after experiencing so many vicissitudes of life. Fortunately, Mo Mengtao discovered by chance in the junks of his ancestors the recipe of Dupo chicken when he returned to his hometown so that the dish can survive to this very day in Wuhan. This dish is exquisitely made with more than 20 different kinds of traditional valuable Chinese medicines so that it comes with a thick fragrant and a dark color as well as a joyful aftertaste to trigger the appetite of the eaters. It has attracted friends of all walks from abroad to have a taste, which has been talked about at people’s lips for a long time.

Wuhan Dupo Food Co., Ltd is a comprehensive economic entity owning one company and two chain stores. Two restaurants locate at No. 20, Yongqing Street (head restaurant) and No. 78, Taibeierlu (old restaurant) respectively.

Dupo chicken was first registered in 1997. Exquisitely cooked with more than 20 different kinds of valuable traditional Chinese medicines, it has received widespread recognition all over Wuhan, and even attracted the attentions of notable personages both at home and abroad. As a rising representative of Hubei cuisine, Huayu Dupo chicken put much emphasis in the style of cooking.

Inheriting the traditional cooking techniques of Qianhu cuisine, Huayu Dupo chicken boasts a wide range of choices of materials and exquisite cooking, and pays attentions to the cutting skills and the mastery of temperature as well as coloring and pattern. Preferably cooked by steaming, deep-frying, stewing, baking and stir-frying, it stresses such qualities as freshness, tenderness, smoothness and softness so as to keep its original flavor.