「Sijimei」 Tangbao

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「Sijimei」 Tangbao (a steamed dumpling filled with minced meat and gravy)

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Appealing to Wuhan citizens and enjoying a reputation worldwide, traditional 「Sijimei」 tangbao with characteristics of thin skin, adequate soup and tender meat is cooked based on the cooking skill of tangbao of Su’s style. Experienced eaters will first gnaw at the skin slightly to suck out the gravy and then eat the skin and minced meat. Just eating in this way, one can authentically enjoy the peculiar flavor of such delicious food.

Early in 1922, 「Sijimei」 Tangbao restaurant opened its business. Boss Tian Yushan improved the skills of cooking tangbao with the advice of famous chef Xu Dakuan from Nanjing. The first step is to boil soup and cook skins, and then prepare meat filling, and the last step is to cook it in a perfect mastery of temperature. Moreover, much attention should be paid to choice of ingredients: shin should be made of fresh meat, the fillings should be made of lean meat with one-finger-thick fat and tangbao stuffed with the ovary and digestive glands of the crab should use the big fresh crab in Yangcheng Lake. Thanks to its endeavor in quality, 「Sijimei」 Tangbao attracts so many customers that it is known as 「the king of tangbao」 and loved by customers.

After 1949, 「Sijimei」 tangbao restaurant’s business was booming and became better and better. To meet the demands of different customers, they also cooked tangbao stuffed with the ovary and digestive glands of the crab, tangbao stuffed with minced shrimp, tangbao stuffed with dried mushrooms, tangbao stuffed with minced chicken and assorted tangbao besides tangbao stuffed with meat after the restaurant moved to the juncture of Jianghan Road and Zhongshan Avenue.